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Viggo Mortensen is one of my favorite actors of all time.  He has such great physical presence and intensity.  His “Aragorn” character in the Lord of the Rings trilogy is probably my favorite character in film.

The Road.

So many films get bogged down in “how things work”, especially sci-fi films.  Watch “Inception” and you’ll see what I mean.  “The Matrix” ruined itself because it could never figure out what “The Road” knew all along:  Shit happens, and then there’s a movie about it.

“The Road” doesn’t explain itself.  I’m reminded of another post-apocalyptic film:  “Children of Men” (2006).  Neither of these films attempts to explain to the reader how or why things are the way they are:  instead, shit happened and characters have to deal with the consequences.

These two films trust their audience.  More importantly they trust themselves.  They say to the audience, “Look, something really bad happened.  It doesn’t matter why or how, it just happened.  Does it even matter?  We’re just going to show you how a few people deal with what happened.”

Viggo Mortensen and “The Boy” have great chemistry.  I believe these two love one another.  I believe “The Man” will protect “the boy” at all costs.

I once read that this film was “too sentimental.”  This is nonsense.  By the end of the film, hope is given.  Hope doesn’t exist in any other part of the film except in the final scene.  This isn’t being “too sentimental.”

Would you rather have it that there is no hope, ever, such as the film “Antichrist” (2009)?  That film had something to say.

So does The Road.

I have a young daughter.  Sometimes I think about living in a post-apocalyptic world.  I wonder how I would protect her.  I get angry that I won’t be able to join the Revolution because she will come first.  My old Self and my new Self, pre and post fatherhood, war with one another.

My new Self always wins out these days.

I’d love to join the Anarchy, but I’ll choose a different path.

The Road is about choices.  What would you do?

5 stars.


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