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Christopher Nolan must have had quite a bit of therapy in his life.  Either that or he just understands his subconscious better than most.

The subconscious is like a double helix.  It’s a spiral.  The more we move upon it, the farther down we go.  Yet there is no end, no beginning.   Now think of each problem you face as a single point upon the spiral.

One point on the spiral can look just like another point, but these points have different meanings.  People tell you, “Just get over it.”  But we don’t get over things.  We just move on to another point in the spiral.  This happens over and over again until our perspective of a point has changed so radically that the point no longer holds power over us.

If you can grasp that then Inception will work wonders on your psyche.

Inception is a creative person’s dream. What direction would you take this film if given the opportunity?
I know what I’d do differently.  The architect’s role would be larger.  Let’s actually see her build the dreamscapes.  Isn’t that what she’s there for?

One of the best scenes of the movie, of any movie I’ve seen, is of the architect playing with the physical dimensions of a dream.  It’s the scene that draws audiences to go see the movie.  It promises wonderful things for the rest of the film.

Unfortunately we never quite get to this point again.

Instead the film spends a lot of time explaining the rules of the world the characters inhabit.

And here, ultimately, is why Inception is overrated and a small disappointment.

When will writers and directors stop pretending that they know more than their audience?  They aren’t scientists, yet they want to explain to us these impossible scientific or philosophical ideas.

The Matrix, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the television shows Lost and Battlestar Galactica suffer from the same ailment:  the shows become bogged down in the philosophy that they are trying to conceptualize.

But I’ve saved that argument for another article.

For “Inception” to be as great as it promised to be, we needed more of the architect.  We needed a more solid ground on which to base this incredibly creative film, this dream.

Christopher Nolan certainly dreams big, and that is the film’s strength.  The problem, at least for about one-third of the movie,  is that he chose to explain rather than show us his film.

“Inception” does work as a creative exercise in how the subconscious works.  It will certainly keep people talking long after the credits roll by.

Nolan should have given full reigns to the architect inside.  We got the scientist instead.

3 stars, but a 5 star effort.


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