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I’m breaking one of my own rules here:  reviewing a film that no longer needs to be reviewed, analyzed or talked about.  Enough has been said about this film.

But I can’t help it.  I love horror films, and this is my favorite of all time.  I also believe it to be one of the best movies of all time.  I’ll do my best to give you a fresh look at this film.

No film has ever captured the essence of the nightmare better than Halloween did.  It’s the way we see Michael Myers standing in the midground: he’s always hanging back just far enough to make his features difficult to read, yet close enough to the camera to know the protagonist (mostly Jamie Lee Curtis) is in grave danger.

On a hike, if a bear came out of nowhere and attacked you…would you be scared or would you just be in survival mode with no time for terror.

On a hike, if you suddenly see a bear off in the distance, standing on his hind legs and about to charge…just breathing down at you, staring at you with those large, dark eyes.  You have plenty of time to be terrified.

Unlike our real world terrors, however, Michael Myers walks and never runs.  We can’t escape our nightmares.  They walk behind us, always chasing.  Never in a hurry.

His face is emotionless.  Black eyes.  He is a voyeur, a sick pervert watching our lives unfold.  Biding his time.  He is not afraid to die because he cannot die.  He is a nightmare, a relic of our infancy, our traumatic birth.  He sleeps in the folds of human evolution.  We created him because we were created.

For a few years now I have been in a dream sequence.  A nightmarish world where I am being chased by a man or a demon or a shadow.  Always he wears the mask of Michael Myers.  I have ingested this villain.  My psyche spits him out at me during unguarded moments.

I’ve learned to live with him. I know what he represents for me. I haven’t spent years in therapy just so Michael Myers can terrorize me.  No. He represents my terror.  My rage.

And with each dream I understand more and I am less afraid.  Today he is nothing but a clown, an amusement.

But the psyche is not linear.  I know that a dream will come when he will grow to giant heights and wield his blade.  And stare down at me with the blackest of eyes. With the blackest of intentions.

I lived with terror as an infant.  I know Michael Myers.  I know what horror is.

Unlike our movie characters, however, I’ve learned how to deal with him.

5 stars.


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