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Jeff Bridges has become one of my favorite actors of all time.  I believe he is the character he plays.  With most actors, I am aware of the actor.  Robert De Niro is an actor that I am always aware of as being an actor.  So is Leo DiCaprio.  It doesn’t matter that they are great actors:  I’m always thinking “Yep, that’s Leo.”

Not with Jeff Bridges.  That says something about him.

I like movies about second chances.  Or third chances.  Or last chances.  I like movies where a central character’s development turns on a single moment, a single event.  The best movies show us that, while a single event moves a character into another direction, it is the culmination of many events over many years that allows the character this pivotal moment in their lives.

Jeff Bridges character, Bad Blake, hits rock bottom.  He then has a choice: will he choose to lose his humanity or choose to save his soul.

It always comes down to choice, regardless of your beliefs in free will.  If you can get that, then you stand a chance.

So which way does Bad Blake go?  A more cynical movie would have a different ending.  “The Wrestler” (2008) was one of those movies.

“SherryBaby”(2006) was a hopeful film, although that film is more about the seeds of hope whereas “Crazy Heart” is more about the acceptance of hope.  Interestingly, both films star Maggie Gyllenhaal.  I don’t like how “Crazy Heart” handles her character in the last scene of the movie:  women don’t always need men to have a fulfilling life.

Robert Duvall plays Bad’s best friend.  The scenes between Duvall and Bridges are genuine and effortless: just two great actors playing two great friends.  Maybe they’re friends in real life.  I would bet a bottle of whiskey that they are.

I love the songs in “Crazy Heart”, especially “Are you sure Hank done it this way” by Waylon Jennings.  Great song.  Jeff Bridges is a natural old school country singer.  Colin Farrell is really good as a big time country star (who knew Colin Farrell would be a natural singer!).

I really enjoyed “Crazy Heart.”  It appeals to my sense of time and how we try to get back what we’ve lost.

Bad Blake lost a lot.  Fortunately he didn’t lose his soul.

3 1/2 stars with a 4 star soundtrack and a 5 star performance by Bridges.


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